Children's Friendship Training

Social Skills Group for Children

The Children’s Friendship Program is a 12-week, parent assisted, evidence-based, social skills intervention for children in elementary school who need help making and keeping friends through skill building group sessions supervised by licensed clinicians.

Enrollment is limited. Group instruction is provided in English. Regular attendance is imperative. Social coach participation is required.

*Groups begin every 12 weeks, and enrollment is ongoing. Please call 714-451-6783 or email [email protected] to begin the enrollment process.

You child is likely to benefit from the program if he or she:

  • Has no friends or few friends 
  • Is bossy, controlling, or aggressive with other children
  • Is shy, reserved, or inattentive with other children 
  • Has trouble sharing or resolving conflicts 
  • Is ignored, rejected, or bullied by other children 

During each small-group session, children learn a new skill and practice it with other group members. Children are given weekly assignments to help them apply the new skills in their daily lives. Meanwhile, parents learn how to support their children’s social development, coaching them as they practice their skills in the real world. 


Topics of Instructions in the Children's Friendship Traninig:

  • Making a good first impression 
  • Conversing with other children 
  • Finding common interests with other children 
  • Playing fairly and being gracious when winning or losing
  • Resolving conflicts 
  • Handling rejection, teasing, and bullying 
  • Joining other children at play 
  • Being a good host on a playdate
  • Showing respect to other children and adults

What is the application process?

  1. Call our office at 714-451-6783 to complete a brief phone screen with a member of our staff, and subsequently receive an enrollment packet
  2. Complete and return your enrollment packet
  3. Come to our office (child and parent) for a 60-minute intake appointment with one of our clinicians to determine if our program is appropriate for you and your child

Dates and Availability
Duration: 12 weeks
Planned Days: Wednesday
Planned Terms: Year Round
Who: Children ages 7-11 and their parents/caregivers
When: 4:00pm - 5:00pm

Newport Beach, CA

Please call our office for information about our current fees.